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In March 31, 2014, the integrated wave micro-magnetic therapy instrument obtained the People's Republic of China Medical Device registration certificate. During this period, Biomobie (Shanghai) Regenerative Medicine Technology Co., Ltd. did follow-up tracking studies on the efficacy of the "Bioboosti" technology. In order to guarantee the users’ right to know the "Bioboosti" technology, the follow-up report of "Bioboosti" is published as follows.


Follow-up case selection:
According to the requirements of medical device registration, the integrated wave micro-magnetic field therapeutic instrument was developed to assist the follow-up of hypertension disease, in order to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of the integrated wave micro-magnetic therapy instrument in the treatment of primary hypertension and to provide more test data for the efficacy and safety of the product.
Follow-up cases were patients with primary hypertension. The test case criteria are as follows:
1. Inclusion criteria
(1)Diagnostic criteria for high blood pressure;
(2)Primary hypertension;
(3)Age: 18 years old or above;
(4)Take medicine or not;
2. Exclusion criteria
(1)A malignant tumor;
(2)Women in pregnancy or lactation;


Follow-up rate was calculated as follows;



According to one-year follow-up results, "Bioboosti" technology is not only effective in the treatment of high blood pressure but at the same time is also an effective adjuvant treatment improving insomnia, heart discomfort symptoms, urinary tract symptoms, varicose veins, digestive-related symptoms, neck discomfort and dizziness, and headaches.

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