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[Clinical trial of integrated wave micro-magnetic field therapeutic device (BMD) for adjuvant treatment of hypertension]

The results of statistical analysis showed that the blood pressure of the subjects in the control group and the experimental group decreased after the completion of the test, while the decline of the experimental group was statistically significant and greater than that of the control group. The treatment time for blood pressure returning to normal was shorter for the experimental group than it was for the control group, suggesting that the integrated wave micro-magnetic field therapeutic device can assist the blood pressure to return to normal in subjects suffering from essential hypertension more quickly. The decrease diastolic blood pressure is slightly better than the drop in systolic blood pressure.

Xinhua Hospital, Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine, Shanghai
Xuhui District Central Hospital
Annual efficacy report of integrated wave micro-magnetic field therapy device for adjuvant treatment of essential hypertension

Report Conclusion
Sixty-five patients who used the integrated wave micromagnetic field therapy device to treat hypertension were tested before and after blood pressure control. SPSS19.0 software was used for paired design t test (n=65, a=0.01); t systolic blood pressure = 8.716; t diastolic blood pressure = 10.235; p value is 0.00, less than 0.01, revealing a statistically significant difference.

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