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  • What is the regeneration mechanism?
    After scratching your finger, why do you not need treatment for the wound to heal on its own after a period of time? As early as the 1960's, Robert Becker, a leading American biomedical researcher, gave the answer: the theory of traumatic currents.

    Studies have confirmed that when an animal or human body is injured, the nerves at the injury site produce instantaneous electrical signals, and when the brain receives the signal, it immediately initiates a regenerative repair system that quickly directs a variety of primary embryonic cells to regenerate the nerves, blood vessels, muscles, and bones at the site of the trauma. Using this theory, the Biomobie research team, after a decade of research, has finally developed a new non-invasive vascular Regeneration Therapy, the Biomobie "bio-electric" technology. The technology is a new, non-invasive physical therapy, which combines bioelectrical signals with electromagnetic technology to transmit simulated "traumatic bioelectric signals" opening up vascular regeneration and repair in the human body, separating debilitating red blood cell adhesion, restoring blood vessel wall elasticity, expanding blood vessels, and accelerating healthy blood circulation helping to improve a range of diseases caused by vascular lesions.


    Biomobie Fights Diseases Related to Aging
    Biomobie uses innovative technology to find answers to the world's biggest health problems.
    When all pharmaceutical companies focus on the development of new drugs for the treatment of chronic diseases, Biomobie and its partners, Harvard University Brigham Women's Hospital, the Mayo Clinic, and other top medical institutions around the world, take a different approach to the main cause of chronic diseases - vascular microcirculation as its therapeutic target. Bioboosti's non-invasive human angiogenesis technology is used to repair damaged blood vessel microcirculation, which leads to the recovery and normalization of the cardiovascular system, cerebrovascular system, retinal fundus vessels, and pulmonary blood vessels; beyond this, Bioboosti aids in the reduction and healing of other diseases related to vascular microcirculation. Bioboosti, the human angiogenesis technology of Biomobie, completed 60,000 real-world clinical trials of chronic diseases in three years; obtained the Chinese SFDA Class II medical device market access permit, and completed the US FDA medical device registration. Bioboosti technology is quietly repeating the vaccine revolution to successfully curb epidemic noncontagious diseases, launching a new medical project that uses human regeneration technology to curb chronic diseases.

    Chronic diseases account for more than 70% of all deaths in the United States, and their treatment costs account for the majority of US national health care costs. According to estimates by the US Medicaid and Medicare Service Center, total US health care spending in 2015 reached $3.2 trillion. By 2025, spending is expected to continue to grow at an average rate of 5.5%, with chronic disease treatment accounting for the bulk of spending, with 1 out of every 6 dollars in health care costs spent on chronic disease prevention and treatment, while the cost of cardiovascular disease alone (CVDS) is as high as $317 billion a year. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, every 40 seconds, an adult dies from a CVD-related illness such as a heart attack, while the number of deaths from cardiovascular disease accounts for 31% of the total number of deaths per year in the United States.

    According to the "Journal of Health Economics," in 2016 a single drug produced and put on the market cost $2.2 billion and an average of 12 years to get from the lab to the market. Only 5 of the 5,000 drugs produced are available for clinical trials. Only one of the five drugs available for clinical trials eventually go to market. Therefore, the probability of final listing of new drug development is only one in 5,000—an extremely small probability. No single drug can improve all chronic diseases, but Bioboosti, the bio-electric regeneration technological device developed by Biomobie, can repair and improve microcirculatory disorders, thereby improving health conditions in all chronic diseases related to microcirculatory disorders including heart disease, stroke, cancer, chronic respiratory system disease, and diabetes. Compared with drugs, Biomobie's Bioboosti is non-invasive, drug-free, and non-toxic, which fundamentally promotes microcirculatory vascular regeneration and improves the health of those suffering from chronic diseases.


    “There are many diseases, but one health.”  Robert Becker "The Body Electric"
    Robert Becker passed away in 2008, a decade before his ideas and understanding of how the body heals itself were taken seriously by mainstream medicine. As Director of Orthopedic Surgery at the VA hospital at Syracuse, New York, Becker became curious back in the 60's, long before anyone else in medicine was interested, in how salamanders regenerated limbs and tails that had been cut off. His work eventually led to his publishing ground-breaking research in some of the most prestigious medical journals in the world, earning him a nomination for the Nobel Prize twice in his lifetime. What Becker discovered was how the body's own biochemistry triggered minute electrical impulses in the nerves to direct dedifferentiated cells to form the entire limb structure in salamanders. No one else had done the careful measuring of positive and negative electrical impulses in the nervous system, and, like so many ground-breaking thinkers, Becker was again and again scoffed at by the medical community despite the evidence revealed in his presentations and publications. The scientific world simply was not ready to accept his discoveries.

    In 2018, so much has happened regarding the acceptance of the importance of pulsed electro-magnetic field (PEMF) therapy, that Becker would have been shocked. According to Becker there are many diseases, but one health, and his discoveries have been augmented by further discoveries regarding the role of microcirculation and chronic diseases. Becker's discoveries about bone and tissue repair and regeneration through augmented micro-electric stimulation at the wound site paved the way for methods of treating a host of diseases relating to aging through increasing microcirculation using the simulated electromagnetic pulses to stimulate repair of microvasculature.

    Robert Becker's discovery of traumatic regenerative currents paves the way for simulating cardiovascular regenerative current signals to prevent and control chronic diseases associated with ageing. Jack Wang, an angel investor and biomedical inventor, has received a number of U.S. patents and is presently working to complete the research that Dr. Robert Becker began half a century ago. His research and development team is working on a series of radical treatments for age-related chronic diseases using the Bioboosti, which is based on the research of Dr. Robert Becker 50 years ago. This medical device is drug-free, non-invasive, safe, and has no side effects. Jack Wang is quietly revolutionizing the treatment of chronic diseases. In the same way that medical research discovered a simple vaccine by observing the immune system to defeat the deadly smallpox virus, Biomobie is studying microcirculation repair and regeneration for atherosclerosis, heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes that afflict millions globally.


    Regeneration is the New Penicillin
    It's hard to imagine what it was like to wake up with a fever in the first half of the 20th Century, because although Fleming had discovered the bactericidal effects of his mold in 1928, the wonder drug of modern medicine, penicillin, was not widely available to civilians until after World War II. If your fever produced hot and dry skin, it was over for you. There was not a medicine available to the doctors that could cure lobar pneumonia. If your fever produced sweats, you would live.  Penicillin led medical doctors and researchers into an unheard-of series of successes over bacterial diseases. Now if you wake up with a fever, you have at your fingertips various medicines developed to treat the specific illness you have. Gone are the days of 50% mortality rate for lobar pneumonia and many other infectious diseases. Pharmaceutical science was believed capable of overcoming every illness imaginable. When small pox was ravaging the earth's human population, there was no cure. If you happened to live, you were immune. Most did not live. When the cure finally was developed creatively, it went to the root cause of the human immune system, training T cells to imitate a less lethal disease called cow pox that actually worked to trigger the body's own immune system to fight small pox. The disease that wiped out an estimated ½ a billion people world-wide was itself wiped out. Then came an even more formidable series of diseases—non-infectious disease, now killing more people world-wide than all other diseases: hypertension (the silent killer), cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer—all noninfectious diseases. Pharmaceutical research tends to target one part of one of these diseases, often treating the symptoms more than the disease itself, taking dozen years to go from lab to shelf, and packing a series of side effects that are sometimes worse than the original disease it was meant to cure. 

    Age-related diseases like cardiovascular disease, hypertension, and even cancer, cannot all be treated by a single pharmaceutical medicine. Many of those diseases appear to be related to microcirculation. If microcirculation regresses naturally over time, creating these new killers, then addressing the regeneration of microcirculation and normalizing it will not only prevent chronic diseases, but it will also reverse the debilitating effects caused by aging.

    Biomobie has developed the Bioboosti specifically to increase microcirculation thus attacking the disease at its root cause. Clinical trials and studies have been done at some of the most prestigious medical universities in the world, e.g., Harvard, the Mayo Clinic, Fudan University, and Jiao Tong Medical University, demonstrating significant findings all related to the regeneration of microcirculation and improving the health of virtually everyone who uses Bioboosti. What cow pox did to small pox, and penicillin did to bacterial diseases and infections, Bioboosti is doing to chronic age-related diseases across the board bringing about a new revolution in medical treatment of these killers. 

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