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Shanghai Biomobie TCM Clinic Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Biomobie Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic Co., Ltd. was founded on August 21, 2018, registered in Shanghai Xuhui District, Shaanxi South Road No. 288.

Shanghai Biomobie Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Biomobie Regenerative Medicine Group. It is based on the patent technology of non-invasive angiogenesis, “Biomobie Bio-Electricity” technology, specializing in chronic disease treatment as a feature of diagnosis and treatment, providing an extremely safe and effective alternative to pharmaceutical or surgical treatments. The technology utilized by Biomobie repairs and regenerates blood vessels of patients through bioelectrical signals, separates adherent red blood cells restoring them to normal levels of oxygen and metabolism, thereby improving vascular health and simultaneously aiding in the recovery from various chronic diseases. This vascular regeneration technology has obtained FDA registration from the United States, EU CE testing, Shanghai Food and Drug Administration's second-class medical device market access permit, and a number of global patents.

Shanghai Biomobie Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic Co., Ltd. is the first to introduce the characteristic chronic disease management clinic with "efficacy" as the core objective. We have a strong team of doctors to provide patients with more comprehensive and intuitive chronic disease evaluation, intervention, and management of chronic disease efficacy. At the same time, the clinic also combines nutrition consulting, health management consulting, and other services to create a comprehensive, high-quality, top-notch chronic disease management service team that integrates chronic disease prevention, treatment, and efficacy management.

As the world's leading chronic disease intervention technology and chronic disease management therapy, "Biomobie Bio-Electricity" technology has attracted the attention of the world's top medical institutions, and with Harvard University, Mayo Heart Center, Beijing Fuwai Hospital, and other well-known medical institutions has launched a number of clinical bio-technology pilot projects.  As a professional medical institution with advanced technology, advanced equipment, and abundant resources, Shanghai Biomobie Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic Co., Ltd. adheres to "curative efficacy" as the core, and combines advanced human regeneration technology with traditional Chinese medicine prevention and treatment concepts to provide safe and specialized treatment services to the general public.  

The main diagnosis and treatment 

Traditional Chinese Medicine Division: Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, digestive diseases, headache, insomnia, endocrine system diseases.

Sub-health division: Chronic muscle, ligament, and other soft tissue damage and joint degeneration, gastritis, insomnia, habitual constipation, chronic diarrhea, endocrine disorders, stroke sequelae, migraine, etc.

Preventative Health Care: Nutrition consulting service

Address and traffic route

Rooms 1102 and 1103, 11th Floor, Phase 2, Central Plaza, 288 South Shaanxi Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai

Subway: Metro Line 1, Line 10, Line 12, South Shaanxi Road Station Exit 10

Bus: 42 Road / 167 Road / 198 Road / 320 Road / 911 Road / 920 Road / 962 Road to Huaihai Middle Road South Shaanxi Road Station

also: 24 Road / 41 Road / 104 Road / 146 Road Outer Ring / 301 Road / 304 Road / 955 Road to South Shaanxi Road, Huaihai Middle Road

Biomobie Corp., USA
Biomobie (Shanghai) Regenerative Medicine co., Ltd.

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