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China and the United States will jointly carry out clinical trials of bioelectric technology to explore the prevention and control of chronic diseases.

At the Great Wall International Cardiology Conference in Beijing, researchers from the United States and China reported that they would work together on a clinical project to treat patients with cardiac insufficiency or heart failure and explore the efficacy of bio-electric therapy in the prevention of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease.


Professor Bruce Johnson, director of the Mayo Clinic Heart Research Center in the United States, says the Mayo Clinic will team-up with China's Biomobie Regenerative Medicine Group and use the latter's "Bioboosti" bio-electric technology to explore the control and prevention of chronic disease.


The so-called bioelectricity refers to the various currents generated in the living organism for carrying out life functions, such as are measured by electrocardiogram, EEG, cell membrane potential (small voltage in the cell membrane), action potential (information sent down a neural axon) and so on. Studies have found that many activities of the body are controlled by electrical signals between the nervous system and the organs, which can become disordered or nonfunctional in chronic diseases. If the scientist can read these electrical communication signals, or learn to simulate micro-electric pulses or fixed electrical signals, a new disease-solving treatment will be introduced beyond vaccines and current medical treatments.


According to Macau University Dean of Pharmacology, Professor Zhu, as early as the 1960s, American physician and researcher, Robert Becker, pointed out that after an animal or human is injured, the nerve in the injured place produces an instantaneous electrical signal, and when the brain receives this signal, it immediately initiates the regenerative repair system, rapidly directing a variety of embryonic cells to the nerve at the trauma and beginning the process of regeneration and repair of blood vessels, muscle, and bone at the site of injury. (Lu Zhiwei, Qi Zhongxi)

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