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  • [The mechanism of self-regulated repair of the body]
    The life sciences believe that the body itself is an organic whole, with its own regulation, repair, and balance functions. Our brains are based on genetic procedures, by means of the nervous system, to implement the management of the internal organs and limb systems. In response, scientists conducted long-term research and finally discovered that by activating the body's own balance control system, the damaged target of the viscera could be repaired. For example, the "R7" Bioboosti technique activates the vascular endothelial regeneration mechanism to repair damaged blood vessels, prompting the body to reach a new equilibrium state.


    [Ancient cure for self-healing]
    Acupuncture is a method of treating diseases through acupuncture itself or moxibustion in traditional Chinese medicine, which is one of the representative masterpieces of UNESCO's Human Intangible Cultural Heritage. The acupuncture needles can be divided into several different forms: electroacupuncture, magnetic needles, water needles, and so on. The body's meridian system is the external information transmission system, which is a resting system without external stimulation. Only when external effective stimulation, such as pressure (massage), light (laser), magnetism, temperature (infrared), acupuncture, etc., are activated can the system play the role of information transmission so as to complete the body's self-healing mechanism of "effective stimulation-central control-system error correction."


    [The body's self-healing mechanism]
    Acupuncture is a therapeutic method that produces effects by selecting the appropriate treatment point for effective stimulation (acupuncture). The feeling of numbness, distention, and pain produced by acupuncture is actually caused by a tissue injury initiated by acupuncture, which plays a role in the treatment. It is through this minor "damage" accident information sent through the central nervous system allowing the brain to make the corresponding integration processing and issue instructions, which results in the human immuno-system and physiological balance system to respond accordingly, ultimately achieving the purpose of natural disease in vivo repair.


    [Modern biological theory of self-repair]
    Robert Becker published his findings in 1961 in the world's most famous surgical journal, the "Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery." Becker found that the starting engine for animal and human regeneration after trauma is the direct-current regenerative signal from the wound through the nervous system. This theory is now widely accepted around the world. Dr. Becker confirmed that the nerves in the injured place produce instantaneous current regeneration signals after the animals and the human body are injured, and when the brain receives the current signal, it quickly stimulates a variety of embryonic cells to regenerate the nerves, blood vessels, muscles, and bones in the wound. The discovery of this "traumatic electric current" theory is an adaptation by modern Western medicine of ancient Chinese medical theories.


    [Human self-healing – Limitations of acupuncture therapy]
    It has been a long time since the emergence of acupuncture. The legend of the origin of acupuncture therapy can be traced back to the period of the clan commune system in primitive society in China. But the more accurate origins of acupuncture therapy lies in the "bian stone" application during the Neolithic age. The "bian stone" is the prototype or predecessor of the acupuncture needle. Through the life, labor, and practical experience of these ancient people came the accidental discovery that stone pressure and puncturing the skin's surface can be used as a cure specifically for the treatment of diseases. When humans entered the Neolithic age, they possessed and refined stone needles. Then came the bone needles, the bamboo needles, the metal needles, until the modern stainless-steel needles. Each needle used in acupuncture is different, and the simulated damage signals are different. The larger the needle, the greater the pain and damage to the body. Sometimes the use of acupuncture is limited in order to achieve therapeutic effects and may require strong simulated trauma signals. In addition, the depth of the needle cannot be accurately calculated, resulting in a kind of fuzzy signal, leaving something to chance in the treatment of diseases.


    [Regeneration cures the damaged organs]
    After the plants and animals are damaged, the damaged sites can be repaired by their own regenerative repair mechanism. Humans also have the ability to regenerate and repair. Scientists have found that rehabilitation of a variety of chronic diseases will be the simplest, safest and most effective means of recovery if people are able to restore the mechanism of regenerative repair of a damaged tissue, vessel, or organ.


    [Natural organ regeneration]
    Multiple sources in scientific literature show that in nature, regeneration occurs not only in plants, but also in many living animals that possess varying degrees of regeneration capacity.
    In 1712 French scientist Rene Antoine Ferchault de Reaumur described the regenerative capacity of the organism with the theory of regenerative medicine; Italian biologist Lazaro Spallanzani discovered the limb regeneration phenomenon in salamanders. He also found that young salamanders have a stronger regenerative capacity than older salamanders, and that lower-level animals have more regenerative potential than advanced animals. This conclusion suggested that humans are at the very end of the list of bodily regenerational capacities. In 1970, a few days after a child's finger was cut off, Sheffield Children's Hospital surgeon Cynthia Illingworth, found that the child's finger began to regenerate miraculously, and over time the child's finger was fully restored. Since then, she has documented hundreds of cases in which children under 11 years of age have had a severed finger regenerate.


    [Natural heart regeneration]
    -In 1914, a German biological report found that the human infant itself was able to repair a small range of myocardial damage caused by diphtheria.
    -1950, Soviet biologist N. P. Sinitsyn successfully repaired a 16-square-millimeter hole in the heart of a dog.
    -In 1954, biologist Paul Rumyantsev released a case of minor heart damage repair in mammalian adult rats and newborn kittens.
    -In 1973, the famous American biologist Robert O. Becker found that the heart of a lizard had been cut and was able to regenerate rapidly within hours. Dr. Becker also found that blastema cells (proto-embryonic cells) reversed and produced cardiac myocytes.
    -In 1978-1979, using the electron microscope, Bruce Carlson and Phil Person of the University of Michigan in the United States also confirmed the reversal of the cellular regeneration of cardiomyocytes.


    [The regenerative theory of animal organs]
    In 1961, Robert Becker published his findings in the "Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery," concerning traumatic electrical signals along the nerves. Becker confirmed that in animal or human injuries, the nerve in the injured place will produce an instantaneous current signal; when the brain receives this signal, it will command a variety of embryonic cells in the trauma by means of the nervous system, causing blood vessels, muscles, and bone to repair and regenerate.


    [Application of regenerative theory]
    NASA uses PEMF technology to solve the problem of osteoporosis and muscle atrophy in astronauts. After American astronauts came back to earth, scientists discovered that they had suffered from osteoporosis and muscular atrophy, due to being out of range of the earth's gravitational field and geomagnetic fields on which humans depend. NASA has conducted an in-depth study of PEMF technology, confirming that PEMF is successful in reversing the effects of osteoporosis and muscle atrophy.


    [Biomobie regenerative science]
    According to the above theory, a thorough study by the Biomobie scientists found that damage to the cardiovascular system is a lengthy process of accumulation and therefore does not result in the otherwise naturally occurring traumatic regenerative repair by means of current signals. In order to induce the brain to initiate a damaged cardiovascular regenerative repair program, a cardiovascular regeneration signal (a traumatic current signal) must be simulated in the body. The technology has used the principle that the traumatic current signal is the necessary condition for the regeneration of the biological activated organ. In the human body, the simulation produces a group of cardiovascular-damaged regenerative current-coded signals that help the brain initiate regenerative repair procedures for damaged cardiovascular system. The "R7" Bioboosti technique has undergone thousands of experimental studies, and no toxic side effects or cell mutations have been found.


    [Preventative and adjuvant therapy]
    With the increase of age, coupled with an unhealthy lifestyle, the functions of the human body begin to show early signs of degeneration; the autoimmune system and the self-repairing ability of the cells begins to decline. Most obviously, the human microcirculatory system and metabolic system appear to be different stages of decline. To find an effective solution, with more than 14 years of joint research and development, Biomobie, in conjunction with experts in human biology, ergonomics, human medicine, and geophysics, effected a breakthrough in the limitations of various self-healing therapies and developed a preventive and adjuvant therapy.

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