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    The earth's magnetic field is a dynamic magnetic field which is a basic element of human survival. By means of the dynamic magnetic field, the human body obtains the necessary biological energy and biological electrical current in order to promote the growth of bone, muscle, and organs. Osteoporosis and muscle atrophy were found to occur in NASA astronauts who spent time in space confirming the importance of dynamic magnetic fields as critical for human survival.


    The earth's magnetic field influences as well as maintains the normal physiological rhythm conducive to bodily health. The "R7" is based on this naturally occurring health maintenance system. Based on this natural health maintenance system, the "R7" has refined the bio-pulse electromagnetic (current) intensity, frequency, and waveform required for repairing human impaired blood vessels following precise calculations and extensive experimental statistics. The bio-electromagnetic parameters of the effective range are very narrow so that beyond its effective range it will not result in regenerating damaged blood vessels. We know that the biological electromagnetic field is similar to the earth's electromagnetic field, and that human cardiovascular regeneration is dependent upon the micro-electromagnetic waves. The micro-electromagnetic waves are completely different from the high-frequency electromagnetic waves used in telecommunications having two different magnetic properties. The "R7" energy consumption is much lower than cell phone consumption.


    According to the ICNIRP Guidelines (the Guidelines of the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection), PEMF does not produce adverse physiological or psychological reaction to the human body, the mammalian embryo development, or postnatal growth; nor is there any harmful teratogenic effect to the human body or tumor mutation effects. The magnetic field emitted by Bioboosti is Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF).


    According to China's food safety protection product registration technical review guidelines, the magnetic field strength of the Bioboosti is 0.22 mT, which is significantly lower than the food safety protection product registration technical review guidelines stipulated in the magnetic field strength safety limits, the range of which is 200 mT. Bioboosti is even lower than the need to monitor (0.5 mT). Bioboosti is completely safe for the human body.


    The experimental results of the Second Military Medical University of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) have shown that there are no adverse effects on neurons and no adverse effects on the users.


    The results of clinical trials of Xinhua Hospital affiliated with the Shanghai Jiao Tong University Medical School and the Central Hospital of Xuhui District, Shanghai, show that the clinical use of “R7” technology is safe.


    In summary, Biomobie technology has established a solid safety record in its clinical use.

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