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  • Ever since humans first came into being on this planet, the human body has continued to evolve into a highly developed and complicated organism consisting of all the necessary parts (organs) governed by the brain with unbelievably advanced intelligence, in a sense like an ultra-sophisticated, bio-intelligence-bearing super computer system, which is running uninterruptedly day and night during its whole lifespan. The human brain possesses various innate programs analogous to the software installed in a computer: it performs dynamic processing on various bio-feedback signals it continuously receives, and subsequently sends commands to various organs of the body which work independently but interactively in a precisely coordinated manner according to the inherent physiological programs in the brain. The program for regeneration and rejuvenation of the aged and damaged organs is merely one of thousands of such intrinsic programs imprinted in the human brain.


    One of the largest organ systems in the human body is the circulatory system constituted by the heart and a large network of vessels. By arousing the inherent cardiovascular regeneration program in the brain to activate the vascular endothelial cells, Bioboosti helps build new vessels thereby improving and restoring the normal blood supply to the entire body. The test results of R7 Bioboosti in Shanghai's Fudan University School of Pharmacy showed that after 8 minutes of stimulation, the proliferation of human umbilical vein endothelial cells cultured in vitro was significantly increased compared with the control group, which was statistically significant. Experiments on hypertensive rats confirmed that the blood pressure of the rats decreased significantly after stimulation with the "R7" Bioboosti. The results of tests using R7 Bioboosti on rats with ventricular arrhythmia induced by BaCl2 showed that the technique can significantly shorten the time of arrhythmia in rats and functions to promote a significant increase in pro-angiogenic factors such as endothelial growth factor, nitric oxide and nitric oxide synthase. The results of the study on the effect of the "R7" Bioboosti device on irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) conducted by the Second Military Medical University of the People's Liberation Army showed that the technique has significant therapeutic effects on rats with IBS colitis. The clinical trial results of Xinhua Hospital affiliated with Shanghai's Jiao Tong University School of Medicine and Shanghai's Xuhui District Central Hospital show that the “R7” Bioboosti device can significantly reduce the blood pressure of patients with hypertension. The "R7" Bioboosti device can promote the regeneration of damaged vascular tissue in a short period of time painlessly and without surgery or pharmaceutical medicines leading the cardiovascular disease treatment to develop rapidly in the new direction of the body's own cardiovascular regenerative therapy.


    Bioboosti was jointly developed, based on the Biological Electromagnetic (BEM) micro wave technology of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF), by experts in biological and biochemical sciences, electronics and integrated circuits, communication systems engineering, and various medical disciplines from the Biomobie Experimental Center in the USA. Drawing upon constant exploration by scientists of the older generation for nearly a half century, Bioboosti has ultimately pushed the BEM micro wave biotechnology of the PEMF into a new stage for practical use. Just as the first generation of IBM's huge and bulky computers evolved into today's personal digital assistant (PDA), the Biomobie research team based in Silicon Valley of the United States has succeeded, after years of numerous experiments and constant system upgrading, in the development of the Bioboosti system with the capability and capacity for real-time, dynamic regeneration of injured vessels and nerves, viral suppression, and disease treatment. This system integrates one control terminal, two supporting terminal database platforms, one communication channel, and one portable intelligent treatment terminal. The control terminal of Bioboosti can be remotely controlled by the medical experts to conduct, through the portable terminal, the classified and individualized regenerative activation, viral suppression, and disease treatment of the damaged tissues. The control terminal of Bioboosti consists of two platforms: the database platform for regeneration and repairing of damaged organs, which is also known as the "Regeneration Coding Factor Bank," and the prescription database platform for the inhibition of viral growth and treatment of diseases, which is also known as the "Bio-electronic Pharmaceutical Bank." These two databases can be accessed by medical experts at any time through PC.


    Bioboosti is an epochal, innovative product of life science and technology battling chronic diseases related to aging; it is a major breakthrough for mankind in the field of human regenerative medicine. In addition to the special curative effect in the field of cardiovascular disease rehabilitation, Bioboosti also shows the great potential in the clinical application for the repair of other organs and the sub-health rehabilitation. The patented scientific achievements of Bioboosti will certainly benefit hundreds of millions of people.


    In the Biomobie Experimental Center based in the USA, Bioboosti has made a number of gratifying research achievements. In China, Biomobie has been working with other cardiovascular experts from several prestigious universities and medical institutions in an attempt to achieve a larger scale of treatment of cardiovascular disease and to open up a new path towards rehabilitation of the patients suffering from cardiovascular disease and the sub-healthy population as well.

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