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Biomobie is a regenerative medical institution holding a number of global patents in noninvasive angiogenesis biotechnology. Its IT research and development center is located in Silicon Valley, while clinical research and development bases are located in the United States and China. Its manufacturing base for medical devices is located in Shanghai, China. Presently no medical intervention has been capable of reversing the problem of poor microcirculation that now seems to lead to so many chronic diseases until Biomobie broke through the medical intervention bottleneck in the treatment and cure of chronic diseases through regenerating vascular micro-circulation. Harvard University’s Brigham Hospital and the Mayo Clinic in the United States were the first to conclude that Bioboosti is effective in the treatment of insomnia and the recovery of cardiopulmonary function; Biomobie has completed three years of clinical validation of 60,000 patients with chronic diseases, obtained the Chinese SFDA Class II medical device market access permit, and completed the US FDA medical device registration. Bioboosti bio-electric technology is quietly repeating the history of successful vaccines to curb epidemic diseases, opening a new chapter in preventive medicine for the effective treatment and prevention of chronic diseases.

2009 Established Biomobie Holdings Ltd. and Biomobie Corp., USA
2011 Established Biomobie International (Shanghai) Regenerative Medicine Technology Co., Ltd.
2013 Shanghai Fudan University and Jiao Tong University jointly verified the effectiveness of Bioboosti® in the treatment of myocardial ischemia and lower limb ischemia in rats
2014 Shanghai Jiao Tong University Xinhua Hospital led the completion of the clinically effective double-blind trial of Bioboosti® in the treatment of hypertension
In 2014, obtained the Class II medical device registration and market access permit from Shanghai Food and Drug Administration of China
2016 Harvard University clinical trial statistics show that Bioboosti® is effective in treating insomnia
2017 Biomobie's 60,000 real-world clinical statistics show that Bioboosti® is effective in treating dozens of chronic diseases
2018 US Mayo Clinic clinical trial statistics show that Bioboosti®  is significantly effective in the rehabilitation of cardiopulmonary function
2018 Clinical trial statistics from Beijing Fuwai Hospital show that Bioboosti® is effective in treating coronary heart disease
2018 Beijing Tiantan Hospital clinical trial statistics show that Bioboosti® is effective in treating cerebral glioma
2018 The Biomobie Environmental Health Care® Health Alert System is online
Company outlook

Biomobie Bio-Regeneration Factor Library and Bioelectronics Library are made up of dozens of electronic algorithms, and the Biomobie R7 BBT-I, which contributes to the regeneration of endothelial progenitor cells, is just one of them. The World Health Organization predicts that the next century will be a preventive medicine-based health care system. Biomobie R7's two major factor libraries will become a new preventitive medical system following Western and Chinese medicine. It is by improving microcirculation that the R7 restores vital organ tissue cells and regulates the activity of cells and metabolic levels of the body thereby defending against a variety of chronic diseases. Biomobie's R7 R & D success represents a revolutionary medical breakthrough in the field of human tissue regeneration creating an important milestone in the history of bio-medicine.

Biomobie Corp., USA
Biomobie (Shanghai) Regenerative Medicine co., Ltd.

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